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World food day

16th of October marks the World food day. This year’s slogan is: Change the future of migration – Invest in food security and rural development. While the population of the world is still on the rise, we already struggle to provide food for everyone. One reason for this can be found in the unfair distribution of food. On one side we have people who struggle with a shortage of food on the other we have mostly western civilization, which is throwing away huge amounts of food. After world war 2 we can witness an increase in migration of people, who are forced to leave their homes for various reasons. The main reason for that is political instability, poverty, extreme weather events and hunger.


Approximately 75% of the extremely poor world population base their livelihoods on agriculture. Creating conditions that allow rural people, especially young, to stay at home. Creating a new opportunity for this people is crucial for their survival. Rural development and creating new business opportunities and opportunities for youth that are not crop-based will play a major role in combat with a shortage of food and migrations. To solve this problem, we do not need large agricultural areas and big animal farms. What we really need is small garden companies and small farms to get us back on track. Production of food needs to increase on the local, regional and global scale.

Some estimates show that around one billion people do not have daily access to food. In 2050 world population will rise to 9 billion. In order to feed all of the population of the world, food supply will need to increase by 70 %. But for a successful rise in food production, we don’t just need individuals to realize the problem, we need to combine it with appropriate politics and available technologies.


The fundamental right of all citizens of the world is the right to food. Rural and sustainable development should be a global priority. Future can be bright for everybody if every individual puts in a little effort. Out of the 129 countries monitored by FAO, 72 have already achieved the target of halving the proportion of people who suffer from hunger.


What can we as individuals do to make a difference:

  • Support organizations who are addressing this problem. Invest your time, knowledge or donate money.
  • Reduce discarded food or donate it to those who need it.
  • Buy products with discount, which will expire soon
  • Buy your vegetables and other items locally