Where to park in Ljubljana?

Ljubljana is just like all the worlds capital, facing a lack of parking spaces in the city center. Finding these can sometimes become a real headache. In the morning and afternoon hours, you can expect »rush hours«, where all the roads to the city center can get jammed with traffic. Therefore we advise you to … Read more


Plastic is something we encounter every day, but are we really aware of its bad impact on our environment? At this moment, we produce 300 millions tons of plastic per year just for production of plastic bags, bottles, and plastic containers. Out of this we only recycle 10%. In the upcoming years, this can lead … Read more

Mountain biking in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a cyclist-friendly city, it was ranked among the top 20 most cycling-friendly cities in the world. More than 225 km of organized cycling routes are located in Ljubljana. Ljubljana also has several forest routes. Mountain biking is usually impossible in capital cities, but green capital of Slovenia makes it possible. In distance of … Read more

World bee day

Slovenia is a country with a long beekeeping tradition. Back in December 2017, this small green country succeeded in something very important on a global scale – general assembly of United Nations, proclaimed the 20th of May for the World Bee Day. Shortly after proclamation, the European Union also banned the use of three pesticides … Read more

Rainy Ljubljana

Sometimes our visit to the city can get disruted by bad weather so we prepared some suggestions for you on what to do in Ljubljana in case of bad weather. Ljubljana is an exciting city so there are a lot of things you can do even when is rains.   If you are visiting Ljubljana … Read more