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20th of March marks the beginning of the meteorological spring. In the upcoming months we can expect warmer days, with some periods of spring rain. We associate spring with awakening of the nature, the flowering of different types of plants and the awakening of animals. This period also brings pollen alergies, the time for spring cleaning of the apartment and increased physical activity. We will slowly replace our lying infront of a TV and staying indoors for more activities in nature. Days will become longer so we can make a better use of them.

Ljubljana is sourounded by nature and will become even greener with spring. One of the best ways to really take in the spring is sitting on the bench of a park and just closing your eyes and listen to the nature. In the upcoming months In hotel Park Urban & Green, our bees on the roof will take care of the pollination in sorrounding area. Ljubljana will truly become green capital.

Every year between 22th of March, the World water day and 22th of April, the Earth day, there is cleaning campaign called »for more beatiful Ljubljana«. The supply of local ingredients will be on a rise on the city market. On this Friday the market will host this years first open kitchen. Spring will also bring a lot of outdoor events and festivals throuhout. While we are enjoying the fruits of nature, lets not forget to stay environmentally friendly and lets try to reduce our daily impact on the environment.


Photo credit : VisitLjubljana