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How to incorporate sustainable development into your home and your everyday life

A general assembly of UNWTO declared the year 2017 as an international year of sustainable tourism for development.World population is still growing and very soon we need to start taking measures for more sustainable development in the future. The World is dealing with a shortage of all sources from water, oil, and food. All of us can take a few stapes towards better tomorrow, incorporate few measures into your everyday life. We will try to present you with just a few of steps you can take into green direction.


Few suggestions for a green sustainable living:


  • Reduce, reuse and recycle – when buying in groceries store try to buy products with less package or with a more eco-friendly package. Most of the waste can be repurposed as an example we can use our biological waste for compost and our glass jars can also be reused. Everything that is not reused, has to go to recycle bins.
  • Reduce water and electricity consumption – these two first steps are very simple and well known. Make sure there are no water leaks around the house when washing dishes you don’t need running water through the whole washing, the same goes for taking a shower or washing your teeth. Remeber that difference is in small things.Plug-off television, computer, phone chargers, microwaves, radio and lights they are not being used. In hot summer days, when the apartment is cooled down, turn off the airconditioning unit. The same goes for cold days because you can save a lot of money with this simple things.
  • Buy local – most of the food we find in groceries shop are shipped from thousands of kilometers away. Although most of the food in groceries can be found within 20 km radius. When buying vegetables or fruits go to your local market or find a farm nearby. Do your daily shopping with eco-friendly bags, instead of using plastic bags.
  • Natural cosmetics and cleaners – cosmetics produced by big multinational firms are proved to contain chemicals. Shampoos that are on the market, usually contain different chemicals from sodium chloride to synthetic fragrance and color. Same goes for most of the cleaners. Today there is a lot of natural products on the market, so find them. A lot of cosmetics and cleaners can also be homemade.
  • Transportation – rather than going with your car, try to take public transportation or take a bike ride. If it’s absolutely necessary to go with your car, look for people going in the same direction so you can travel together and reduce Co2 emissions and traffic jams.
  • Educate yourself – world wide web gives us access to more information than ever. Use that to your advantage and learn about sustainability. Read different green blogs, look at videos and read articles daily. Every day is a learning experience.
  • Donate to charity – find a charity in your area, that has a good cause. From time to time donate some of your money to charity or just give them your time and experience
  • Invest in future – investing can be quite expensive at first but looking at it as a long-term investment is different. When buying a new car consider buying an electrical or hybrid car. If you live in a house also consider building your own power plant with solar cells. And around the house use LED and CFL lights.
  • Gardening – if you have a bit of space around the house build a small garden, so you can grow your own vegetables. Use your natural fertilizers and fewer pesticides. If you live in a small flat and you have a balcony – build your own small urban garden. Water your plants with rainwater.
  • Cancel junk mail – we all get different advertisement to our mail boxes every day and after going through them we just throw them away. So consider canceling your daily advertisement mail and look at different offers online.

Becoming more focused on a sustainable way of living really isn’t that difficult, you can take small steps and you will learn a lot on the way. If you are being green try to educate your friends and sibling. Most importantly try to educate children’s.