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How to be greener, when you travel

Before the travel

First of all its very important that we choose the destination, which is »green«. When choosing green destination, websites like Green Destination comes in handy. After we have decided on a destination, the next step is choosing our accommodation. We can search for the accommodation on our own or with the help of tourist agency. Both should be embracing sustainable development. Best indicators for this are different certificates as TripAdvisor GreenLeaders, Slovenia Green Accommodation, Greenkey, Green Pearls, Travelife, Zero Waste, LEED,..


When traveling to a nearby destination we can travel by bus or a train. Traveling by train or bus brings that special something to the whole experience. You get the chance to see beautiful landscapes and meet new interesting people. To make this experience even better and more environmentally friendly combine train travel with a bike. You can also use a car for transportation, your own or rent-a-car. Of course, the best choices for that are either electrical car or hybrid car. If you are traveling alone, share your ride with someone traveling in the same direction. If traveling by plane cannot be avoided, choose more direct root.


Before a travel, unplug all the electrical devices in your home and set your thermostat if possible. Also, cancel your mail for the time you are gone.


On destination :

In you accommodation make sure to:

  • Turn off the lights
  • Recycle waste
  • Turn off air conditioning or heating system
  • Avoid daily cleaning and change of towels or linen
  • Unplug your electrical devices
  • Responsible use of water

During travel :

  • Buy organic, local food
  • Buy seasonal food
  • Buy items with less packaging and items that are close to end of shelf life
  • Buy local items
  • Dedicate your time to local voluntary organization or event
  • Always carry cotton bag with you
  • Water bottle
  • Don’t take any unnecessary brochures
  • Use public transport or bicycle
  • Donate to local organizations.

With this simple steps, we can offset our carbon footprint for approximately half or even more. During recent times when we are witnessing a steep increase in traveling it is very important to make our travels more environmentally friendly. Everything described above can also be easily implemented in your home and everyday life. And after the travel share your gain knowledge and experience with your friends and family