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Prešeren Day

France Prešeren is the best Slovenian poet, who was born on 3rd od December 1800 in a small village named Vrba. He was always a successful student in elementary school and gymnasium and he eventually continued his education at the Faculty of Law in Vienna, which he also successfully completed. Shortly after he found his job in the capital of Slovenia, as a law intern. This part of his life was filled with poetry, the content of which was able to compete with the best poets around Europe. During this period, the poet also unhappily fell in love with Primic`s Julia, a woman from a wealthy family, to which he also later dedicated the poem »Sonetni Venec«. To add to already existing pain, he later lost one of his best supporters – his uncle and a good friend and mentor – Matija Čop. Many losses and unfulfilled love led him to problems with alcohol since he was regularly seen in bars later in life. A year before his death, he wrote a song called »Zdravljica«, the 7th stanza of this song is now a Slovenian national anthem.  France Prešeren died on 8th of February, 1849 in Kranj, this day is now considered a national holiday.

A square located between the famous Triple bridge and church of Annunciation is named after him (Prešeren Square), also on the square is a famous statue of the poet. The statue was finished in 1905. The ceremonial speech on the day of the reveal was given by Ivan Tavčar, another successful and recognizable Slovenian writer, the opening ceremony was attended by around 20,000 people.




Thursday, 7.2.2019

  • A toast to Presheren in 10ka Klub Smeha at 20:00. The evening before the national holiday you will have the chance to get to know the poet in a way filled with laughter. Presented by comedians April Macie and Dragos Cristian.

Friday, 8.2.2019

  • A cultural holiday will be held in Slovenian Philharmonic at 10:00. The percussion concert is titled: »TOLČEMO IN GODEMO«. Entrance is free (tickets can be found in the lobby of Philharmonic).
  • Prešeren day at the Ljubljana castle will be held from 10:00 until 18:00, a rich cultural program will be held throughout the day. The day, various public tours will take place, unfortunately, the tours will all be in Slovenian. Entrance is free

Photo: VisitLjubljana in Dunja Wedam