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Earth Day 2019

Next year, Earth Day will celebrate it`s 50th anniversary. A simple idea that started after a huge spill of oil, which caused a serious ecological disaster. Consequently, due to this tragedy more than 10,000 birds, dolphins, seagulls, and sea lions died. This unfortunate event was the birth of various organizations and movements to preserve nature and animals. First Earth day began in 1970 in the United States of America and today more than one billion people in 192 countries celebrate this day.

This year`s slogan is: Let`s protect our species. Nature has offered us millions of different animal and plant species, each performing their own roles in the ecosystem. In recent years we are witnessing rapid extinction rates of various animal and plant species. The main culprit for this is – us HUMANS. We are the ones who are responsible for over-harvesting, excessive exploitation of resources and consequently the destruction of species habitat, climate change, hunting the endangered species and we could go on and on. Less developed parts of the world are the ones who are facing the worst problems, as often the financial interests of large companies consequently destroy the habitat of various species. One of the worst problems is also the improper waste management that causes irreparable damage, since especially plastic often ends up in our oceans and endanger all water living organisms.

This year’s Earth Day is especially focused on the following species – bees, coral reefs, elephants, giraffes, insects, and whales. Thankfully none of those species are endangered in Slovenia. Bees are thriving in Slovenia, as our little green country has the most beekeepers per capita in the world. We can also thank projects such as Urban Beekeeping, the part of which is also B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park. Slovenia was also the country that initiated the World Bee Day, celebrated on the 20th of May.

In Slovenia, you will also find one of the most unique endangered species in the world – human fish. Among other endangered species in our country, you will also found: lynx, »kareta«, big hamster, »laški gad«, »progasti gož«, brown bear, etc. Most Slovenians would probably be shocked if they heard there are thousands of other species that are also on the list on endangered species in Slovenia. A detailed list can be found in the Ordinance on the classification of endangered plant and animal species (

The most important thing we can do as individuals to preserve these species is to recognize them, not to collect or hunt them and also to not destroy their habitats. It is also very important to educate ourselves on this matter and to pass our knowledge to a younger generation who will be in charge of the preservation of these species.