The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana


The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana






Workshop of the Institute for Sustainable Development

On Tuesday, 04.04.2017 Institute for Sustainable Development organized workshop in front of the student home Tabor.

The workshop was part of the European project EAThink2015- EAT LOCAL, THINK GLOBAL!,which links global learning and eco school gardens. The event was organized for children and young people from the area of the Municipality of Ljubljana.

They organized workshop on the urban ecogarden next to the student home Tabor: they cared the garden, found out different kinds of berries (redcurrants, Blackcurrant, gooseberry, aronia…), learned about how to plant fruit bushes correctly, they also learned how to crop lavender and learned the importance of combining different plants. Hotel Park prepared organic refreshment for all participants.

PURPOSE of workshop:
Project EAThink2015, with the motto Eat local, think global,is ment for elementary and secondary schools from 12 different european and 2 african countries.
The aim of the project is to enhance the understanding and participation of young population and teachers about global challenges with special focus on food security and independence, sustainable food systems and small farms, sustainable consumption, etc. With this project, we would like to prepare European youth for a critical understanding of the new global challenges and international priorities in the context of the objectives of sustainable development. Institute for Sustainable Development is included in with experience of eco school gardens, since these are one of the main experimental methods of the project. They aware young population about the importance of local organic food.

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