The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana


The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana






Spark bar

Tired from a long day of visiting Ljubljana? Was the meeting you attended stressful?

Come to the Spark bar for some of the best coffee in the area, or to drink some tea or a refreshing drink.  We are waiting for you with a big smile, and a vast list of delicious desserts and drinks.

In the Spark bar we try to please our guests and visitors. Due to the fast pace of life, a lot of people don't have time for a healthy breakfast. Because of this, we decided to freshen up our offer, with healthy and rich fruity or vegetable smoothies.

Warmer months are coming and you can freshen up with lemonade. We have prepared 2 unique flavors of lemonade; lemonade with ginger and lemonade with mint. A twist to the good ol' palin lemonade!

For all gourmet lovers, we expanded our offer of desserts. Now in addition to the homemade dessert chocolate cake Spark, you can also have a blueberry or a cookie cake!

Our barmen, are the best around, and you can choose from a delicious selection of cocktails.

You would like to try one of the cocktails at home? Below you will find easy to make cocktail reciepes.

We definitely recommend you to try the Tropical kiss cocktail, which took first place at GTZ competition.

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Hotel Park
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Hotel Park
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