The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana


The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana






Slovenia as a destination for stag parties

Slovenia - a country of just two million people - has much more than its share of sights and attractions. In the last few years the number of tourists, who are discovering this hidden gem, has been increasing greatly. Summer months are the most crowded and we can see tourists coming from every part of the world to enjoy great weather, beautiful nature and relaxed atmosphere. Especially Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city, is becoming very popular for the youth, because it offers lots of entertaining things to do. Precisely for this reason a lot of people come to party alone or in groups and in the last few years a specific group has started flooding Ljubljana - the stag groups.


Why is Slovenia a TOP destination for stag do weekends?

Many foreign groups are choosing Slovenia for their stag party because of financially affordable airline flights, cheap beer, beautiful women, good food and beautiful nature. In addition to all of the above, the advantage of Slovenia is also its small size, which provides short distances and thus quick access to all activities.



What are the most popular and interesting activities for the group to celebrate a bachelor party in Slovenia?


Cave kayaking

Kayaking through an abandoned mine, which leads to a beautiful underground lake.


White water Rafting

Rowing through the wilderness of untouched nature that you can observe during paddling the rapids of the most beautiful Slovenian rivers.



Rafting on the river gorges, where it descends and jumping on smaller waterfalls and ends between the beautiful pools.



The mixture of water skiing, surfing and snowboarding with a pinch of adrenaline.


Shooting course

Shooting with 3 different guns: the gun, small caliber and 9mm.


Indoor skydiving

Flying in the wind tunnel, which gives the feeling of freefall with a large scoop of adrenaline.



New activity for all fans of football, where the ball is being kicked into the goal, where the holes are naturally adapted to the size of the football ball;))



A breathtaking ride by wire through the canyon Učja, allowing views, which are otherwise known only to the birds. Beautiful Bovec Green River Valley, cliffs, canyons, the view on the highest mountain Triglav - priceless experience for everyone!


Bled Experience

An unforgettable experience is also a visit of Bled, which is one of the most beautiful alpine resorts, surrounded by picturesque mountains. From the Bled castle one can see majestic mountains arranged around a small island with a church, which reigns in the middle of the lake.



Slovenia’s smallness is also its strength because provides transitions from mountainous to the marine world in just less than two hours. Most people find this feature very fascinating, because they rarely meet with the opportunity to be at one time sliding on natural chutes and then in few hours they are already going down the wire in one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia.



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