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Hall of fame

We are ambassadors of culture. We support different kinds of cultural and entertainment events in our capital. We host a number of internationally acclaimed actors, singers and writers, and guests, interested in their work, can enjoy their creative processes, as well as meet and get to know them. We are proud many of them appoint us as the cultural ambassadors.

  • Antonija Šola

    ANTONIJA ŠOLA (born 5 June 1979 in Zagreb) is a Croatian actress and singer-songwriter.

    In her singing career she has released three studio albums. She performed several times in the HRT Dora, the Croatian national competition for the Eurovision song contest - she was at Dora 2003, Dora 2007 and Dora 2008. In 2008, Šola came in second at Dora with her song "Gdje je srce, tu je dom". The winner of the event was decided by the jury, and while Šola's performance won the largest support in the televoting audience, the jury sent Kraljevi Ulice and 75 Cents to the Eurovision contest in Belgrade.

    Antonija Šola is one more celebrity who has stayed in hotel Park.

    24.03.2017 / 12:14
  • Miroslav Škoro

    MIROSLAV ŠKORO (born 29 July 1962, Osijek) is a Croatian musician and politician. His music is characterized by its traditional tamburitza sound, updated to appeal to a contemporary pop audience.

    He emerged onto the Croatian music scene with the debut Ne dirajte mi ravnicu and produced a song of the same name which would go on to be one of the most famous Croatian songs.

    We are proud, that such tremendous artist stayed in hotel Park.

    24.03.2017 / 12:04
  • Goran Karan

    GORAN KARAN (born 2 April 1964 in Belgrade), is a Croatian singer from Split. He specializes in songs influenced by Dalmatian folk music and is known for his powerful and refined tenor voice.

    Karan was the lead singer of Croatian rock group Big Blue, before becoming a solo artist in 1997.

    In 2000 he represented Croatia at Eurovision Song Contest, after winning the Croatian pre-selection Dora. In the Eurovision Song Contest, he won the ninth place with his song "Ostani" ("Stay").

    In summer 2007, deeply moved by the Kornati fire tragedy, in which 13 volunteer firemen perished, composed in the spur of the moment the song "Ovo nije kraj" ("This Is Not the End"), gathered under the name Split Star a group of famous singers (Oliver Dragojević, Marko Perković Thompson, Tedi Spalato, Dražen Zečić, Giuliano, Alen Nižetić, Hari Rončević) from the Split area, that performed it with him in a music video, all of this in less than fifteen days

    We are very proud to have an opportunity to host in hotel Park such a distinguished musician, as Goran Karan.

    24.03.2017 / 11:45
  • Hotel Park Sales manager Marijana Damnjanović with Esma Redžepova

    Esma Redžepova

    Esma Redžepova-Teodosievska is a Macedonian vocalist, songwriter, and humanitarian of Romani ethnicity. Because of her prolific repertoire, which includes hundreds of songs, and because of her contribution to Roma culture and its promotion, she is nicknamed Queen of the Gypsies. She is particularly noted for her powerful and emotional voice. Redžepova's voice deeply changed over the years. When she started singing, her voice was bright and almost childlike. Stevo Teodosievski compared it to the sound of a silver bell. As Esma Redžepova aged, her voice deepened. Her singing is very ornate and expressive, often theatrical.

    With her late husband Stevo Teodosievski she has fostered forty-seven children, and has received numerous accolades for her humanitarian work. She supports Roma and women rights and is also involved in local politics in her hometown, Skopje. 

    We are proud, that we were able to host the late Esma Redžepova, tremendous artist and humanitarian.

    12.04.2016 / 10:21
  • Grupa Vigor

    Grupa Vigor is a Croatian band established in 1992. They exist in the current ensemble from the year 2000, which is a rarity in music bands.

    The group members are: main vocal Mario Roth, guitarist Sebastijan Novoselec, drummer Goran Đurković, keyboard player Robert Jaman, bassist Žarko Marinović and tamburist Stjepan Rudinski.

    The band is well known by its broad repertoire consisting in more than 1000 croatian songs.

    The frontman Mario Roth is well known by the female fans as he is considered one of the sexiest croatian singers.

    10.12.2015 / 07:18

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