The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana


The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana






First batch of Urban&Green honey in 2017

» bees, bees you are my friends … » goes the famous Slovenian song sang by ensamble of Lojze Slak.

Bees are one of the most important and key elements of ecosystem and there job is to pollinate plants. Almost one third of world crops, grows on plants pollinated by bees.

In Hotel Park we also understand the importance of our »workers« so last year we decided to combine forces with beekeeper socienty Urbani Čebelar ( » Urban beekeepers » ). Main goal of the society is to increase the number of urban beekeepers and increase the population of bee families in urban areas.

Because of this approximetly 120.000 bees found their new home on top of our hotel. This are not any kind of bees, this are indigenous type of bees called Carniolan bee. They found home in one of four hives, which are stationed on our roof. Our bees are picking up the flower dust in radius of 3 kilometers.

Carniolan bees are one of the most popular with beekeepers. Reasons for that lies in there natural resistence to pesticide, they quickly adapt to change of environment, they know how to get around in urban areas and most importanly they are hard working and are less aggressive than others . But pollination is not the only benefit we get from them, because they always leave something sweet behind.

Last friday we had an event open for public with presentation of beekeepers society and our rooftop hives. We all learned something new about beekeeping and importance of bees to society and environment. At the end came the most sweet part of the day – extracting honey from hives. Our beekeeper explained the process and the visitors also got the chance to extract the honey for them self. Instanly when honey started pouring out of the container where we extracted the honey from hives, room was overflowed with strong smell of honey. After that it was time to have a first taste honey.

From the taste our beekeeper could taste that most of the flower dust was picked from sorrounding parks and forests, but it also had a distinguised taste of maple honey. We will make good use our honey in our homemade icecream and also in our desserts.

Hopefullly our bees will keep on bringing us joy with there hard working mentality and positive effect on surronding area of our location

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