The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana


The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana






Explore Ljubljana

Explore Ljubljana and it's sights around Hotel Park

Ljubljana is a charming city that is popular for its lush greenery and modern architecture. Cultural events and colorful markets lend added charm and a spirit of harmony and peace to this city. It is a place for quiet exploration and relaxation, as well as fine dining and late night bar-club culture.

The most distinctive feature of Ljubljana is its medieval hilltop Castle which offers a breathtaking panorama of the city together with a birds-eye view of the old town.

Ljubljana is just the right size to be manageable within two or three days, with all the content & culture of a much larger metropolis. There are churches, bridges, castles, boutique shops, river cruises and much more. 

The following are some of the top things (according to Ljubljana visitors) to see and enjoy in Ljubljana. As you can see on a map bellow, Hotel Park is within short walking distance from Ljubljana city centre and major tourist attractions. So if will be staying with us for a few days you can visit almost every tourist attraction on a map bellow even by foot. 

1.) Prešeren Square (Prešernov Trg)

"A perfect staring point for your exploration of Ljubljana. You can go any direction and find something of interest."

2.) Dragon Bridge (Zmajski Most)

"A must see; if only for the photo of the dragon. No trip would be complete without one pic of the dragon! It is a nice walk along the canal from the market."

3.) Triple Bridge (Tromostovje)

"Interesting triple bridge that lights up at night. If you have the chance to grab a coffee or enjoy a drink while looking to it on the evening, it's super recommended!"

4.) Cathedral of St. Nicholas (Stolnica Sv. Nikolaja)

"The cathedral is close to the town square/old town area. The Slovenia architecture is nice. The cathedral is beautiful inside and outside."

5.) Park Tivoli

"One of my favourite place in Ljubljana. Especially in summer, when the weather allows you to go out. It is awesome to organise a picnic with someone and enjoy it for several hours. Also a good place for hiking and jogging."

6.) Metelkova street (Metelkova ulica)

"The place is very different and difficult to describe, one has to see and if you like the street art and colorful artistic stuff, you would definitely want to see this part of the town."

7.) Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljanski grad)

"Ljubljana Castle is a beautiful visit. The view from the top is amazing. The exhibits within are well thought out and easy to understand. They pay tribute to many historical events, and I learned alot. Very cool"

8.) Cankarjevo Nabrežje

"Good place to hang out and relax, stroll and absorb the local culture. On a good weather day its lively and a lot of local people visit and chill out as there are good restaurants/bars/cafes."

9.) Vodnik Square (Vodnikov trg)

"The local market is good to see. Most locals shop the fruits/veggies ,etc. It is well worth a visit to get insight into the local life."

10.) Franciscan Church (Frančiškanska cerkev)

"The most pronounced building on the Preseren Square, this colourful church is worth a look both from the outside and from the inside, especially due to its beautiful organ."

11.) Ljubljana ZOO (Živalski vrt)

"The zoo is small, but very well maintained. The ticket costs 8 euros. A lot of animals such as giraffe, tigers, panda, kangaroo, etc. Good to visit with family or kids or if you love watching the animals.."

12.) Town Hall (Mestna hiša, Magistrat)

"There are usually cultural events scheduled in the town hall. The pictures/paintings inside are beautiful. one of the important and historic buildings of Slovenia."

13.) Mestni trg

"beautiful square - The area close to the monument is very beautiful. The area gives a perfect feel of the old town with castle in background and the church on the other side."

14.) Butcher's Bridge (Mesarski most)

"This bridge is highly photographed - mainly due to the abundance of love locks that have been attached all over the bridge. The bridge also contains some interesting sculptures. Worth a visit."

15.) Congress Square (Kongresni trg)

"Ursuline church, Slovenian Philharmonic and University building are all on this square. Also, it has beautiful vista to the Castle. Small park adds to serenity of the place. It is also good to know history of the place."

16.) National & University Library (Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica - NUK)

"Anyone even remotely interested in architecture should see this building. Though it may seem alien among the baroque and secession buildings, the library building both blends in and stands out. Indeed, creation of the genius."

As you can see our hotel has perfect location - just in the city centre with plenty of tourist attraction around. Book our hotel online and get the best available price - click here 

  • Prešeren square
  • Dragon Bridge
  • Triple Bridge
  • Cathedral of St. Nicholas
  • Park Tivoli
  • Metelkova street
  • Ljubljana Castle
  • Cankarjevo nabrežje
  • Vodnik Square
  • Franciscan Church
  • Ljubljana ZOO
  • Town Hall
  • Mestni trg
  • Butcher's Bridge
  • Congress Square
  • National & University Library

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