The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana


The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana









Our commitment to sustainable development is reflected in our value to be socially responsible. As the first green hotel in Ljubljana we are doing our best to leave a positive imprint also in our neighborhood.

Starting with June, we are supporting local projects that are making this world a better place. Through our charity activity “Dobro-Delamo”, we are raising funds for the following projects:


Project: mattresses for holiday homes, ASSOCIATION OF FRIENDS OF YOUTH LJUBLJANA MOSTE – POLJE


Every child wishes for a carefree and happy holidays ... but unfortunately not everyone has this opportunity.

Association of friends of  youth Ljubljana Moste - Polje offers children and young people from socially disadvantaged homes a wide selection of activities throughout the year. They are taking care of the needs of kids to socialize, while enhancing health, self -discovery and development of talent and many other activities to help children feel free, relaxed, have fun and equipping them with skills.

Holiday activities take place in holiday homes, where there is a constant need of new beds and mattresses.  Therefor we are helping them to raise funds for new MATTRESSES. 



For a world without waste - Together we can move frontiers faster!


Ecologists without Borders is an NGO association with a mission  - activation, motivation and cooperation of individuals, communities, policy makers, industry, businesses and researchers in the area of an efficient use of natural resources with the aim to reduce costs and waste to preserve environment.

They believe in transforming piles of “useless” trash to resources for our economy, creating new, green and local jobs, and at the same time making sure we pass a healthy environment to our children. This is a doable goal, which has already been proven by many individuals, businesses and local communities on a global level that decided to follow the Zero Waste way.

To reach this aim, they need two things:

  • to believe that this is possible, and
  • your support



Project: Beautification of our neighborhood, TABOR NEIGHBERHOOD

Lets create a safe and pleasant neighborhood Tabor

Neighborhood Tabor is an urban place of colourful group of individuals, groups, families and companies. This place has been successfully awakened by various initiatives a few years ago and it is important that the revitalization of the neighborhood continues. There are several renovations and refreshments needed to be done.

We would like to create a neighborhood that blossoms and is full of life, safe and enjoyable for residents and visitors. Therefore, Hotel Park together with residents and other institutions plans to organize a community activity to beautify surroundings around hotel and park Tabor. To achieve our goal we also need your kind support



From 7th of June till end of August 2016, we are raising funds in such a way that our guests "vote" among the projects and also contribute to the charity.

Coupons (as voting tokens) and voluntary contributions should be placed in jars in the Park restaurant, where all the projects are presented.

Coupons are provided to our hotel guests upon check-in and also available in the restaurant. Guests can “cast their vote” once per month.

After the completion of the activity, we will count the votes and award the projects. Hotel Park will donate additional 300 Eur to the winning project and 100 Eur to the second and third ranked project.

We invite you to visit us and support your favorite project.

Thank you for helping us creating a better tomorrow.

Hotel Park
Tabor 9, 1000 Ljubljana


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Hotel Park
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