The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana


The most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana






About us

Welcome to the most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana.

Hotel Park Ljubljana is a part of urban beat in the heart of Ljubljana as well as being a part of nature – it is situated in the park in the pedestrian area. It is well known for its warmth and hospitality, committed to sustainable development, encouraging respect for the environment and connecting with local communities. Since we support many cultural events and host different artists in the hotel, it’s also known as a cultural ambassador.

Because of its placement in the green environment of parks as well as its name Hotel Park represents remarkable regional parks, pearls of Slovenia. Each of the floors in the hotel presents one of the parks. And since Ljubljana is the European Green Capital 2016, special attention was paid to regional parks in its vicinity which every visitor becomes acquainted with.

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Some main reasons why staying with us is your best choice:

  • Although hotel is located in the heart of Ljubljana, you will still get a good and a peaceful night of sleep.
  • During the day hotel beats with the pulse of Ljubljana, events, people and bustle of the city.
  • In the hotel bar Spark you can always get good coffee, homemade drinks, afternoon tea or special cocktails. 
  • Our restaurant offers homemade, fresh, natural and delicious food of local production spiced up with gourmet surprises. 
  • We are cultural ambassadors – art, dance, music and theatre are the heart of Hotel Park. 
  • Our most important virtues are warmth, hospitality, assistance to our guests and friendly hotel staff.

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Hotel Park
Tabor 9, 1000 Ljubljana


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Hotel Park
Tabor 9, 1000 Ljubljana, SI