Izbira jezika

Ljubljana. There is always some happening in this small, green river town. One part is for theatre, the other for concerts and dance, the third part is photo exhibition in the city park.

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Discover beautiful Ljubljana

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Top places to visti in Ljubljana. Restaurants, Caffebars, Shops, Salons and others

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Hotel Park loves events, art and artists, dancing and music. Hotel Park loves life.

News and events

  • The art of Pole dance competition 2014

    The art of Pole dance competition 2014

    The Art Of Pole Dance is the international competition in Slovenia and also an exhibiton of pole dance artistry.

    20.11.2014 10:33
  • New restaurant to spice up Ljubljana!

    New restaurant to spice up Ljubljana!

    The idea to open curry restaurant in Ljubljana, started  during very successful curry festival, held in hotel Park Ljubljana. Untill now we have managed to organize 3 very successful Curry festivals, with help of successful entrepreneurs, in cooperation with the British magazine Curry Life Magazine, which is a world known organization for promoting curry. The number of fans, an exceptional interest for curry and a remarkable visit of all three festivals in hotel Park, gave the organizers an idea to bring the story of curry in Ljubljana permanently.

    11.11.2014 12:00
  • Ljubljana wine route 2014

    Ljubljana wine route 2014

    The event entitled Ljubljana Wine Route (Ljubljanska vinska pot) marks St. Martin's Day, when, according to Slovenian tradition, grape must officially turns to wine. The event includes tastings of young wine and culinary delights served from stalls set up in front of the old city centre's bars and restaurants.

    04.11.2014 09:26
  • Ljubljana's bridges – The Dragon bridge

    Ljubljana's bridges – The Dragon bridge

    Just a few steps away from hotel Park, across the river Ljubljanica, there is a beautiful bridge, Dragon Bridge.

    24.10.2014 07:46
  • 6th National Dance Gathering

    As a long-time sponsor of many cultural events in Ljubljana we are glad to invite you to the 6th National Dance Gathering which will take place on Saturday, 25 October 2014. 

    21.10.2014 06:59